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Welcome To All Direct Travel Services, Inc.

All Direct Travel is dedicated to providing VIP services to all of our clients; the multi-billion dollar conglomerate, the small independent company or the family going on vacation. All Direct Travel will assist the traveler in keeping your travel expenses down. Whether traveling across the state, across the United States or to any country or continent in the world we can provide you with “hassle free” travel arrangements so that you, the traveler, can be assured that all of your travel needs will be met.

All Direct Travel can assist your company in controlling all your travel costs and provide your company or you the traveler with impeccable, efficient and timely service. Because we are part of a network consortium of travel agencies that are located all over the world we can offer the best possible services that provide for localization and competitive rates to meet any emergency that you may have anywhere in the world.

Our phenomenal success is due largely to our interpersonal relationships with all of our clients. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure the traveler of a safe and stress free experience. All Direct Travel becomes your “Travel Partner” no matter where you are until you arrive safely home.

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